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Video Guest Book Anyone?

What a brilliant idea! I'm used to documenting a wedding day as it naturally plays out and then retelling the story in editing. This was a spin on my traditional package. The couple reached out and let me know they were looking for a "video guest book".

I wasn't sure how sound would work with the loud music and how I'd get guests to willingly filter in... but Zack handled everything. I was so excited when I saw this designated beautiful library just for the videos. There was a big sign outside with the questions they should answer for their "interviews". Zack gave me a spreadsheet with names and relationships to the couple, and even tracked guests down and reminded them to filter in so I didn't need to! I loved this idea, and the guests all had the NICEST things to say about the couple. What a sweet keepsake!

As someone who usually tries to blend into the background, it was a little nerve wracking for me to talk directly to the guest and I was consciously not trying to make anyone feel uncomfortable of forced-- luckily every guest was sooo excited to do theres and it flowed beautifully.

Here's me with my sign! Haha I was a little too excited about this.

In order to put their traditional video together while I was busy doing interviews, I brought my favorite second shooter with me, who happens to also be my favorite photographer, Photography By Virginia. She shoots with me a lot, but this was the first time she was the prime shooter while I was busy with the interviews-- and she absolutely killed it.

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