Meet Olivia

Hi, I'm Olivia-- but I go by Livvy. I'm a full time wedding videographer based in Frederick, MD. I am passionate about storytelling, and there is no better story to tell than love stories.

What I am: Journalistic, documentarian, hard working, a light traveler, laid back.

What I'm not: Type A, "gear heavy", high strung.

I strive to be a natural part of your day. My job is to capture your day as it naturally plays out, and re-tell the story. I don't manufacture moments, I prefer to find and document them throughout the day.

Learn more about me, and reach out if you'd like to chat!


The Beginning

I grew up in Cockeysville, MD. I loved music, sports, and told everyone that when I grew up, I wanted to be a "camera man".  


I developed a talent and love for sports as I became a teenager and ended up playing lacrosse at James Madison University, finishing as a captain my senior year. I graduated with a degree in Media Arts and Design. Fun fact: I took my camera every where I went and made end of the year highlight videos for my team every year. (I'm on the right)-->

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After college, I wasn't quite ready to settle down, and didn't know what to do next, so I did what anyone would do... moved to Alaska ;). I served in Americorps for 2 years and taught preschool for another 2 years. I met my husband, who is Alaskan Native, and his 5 year old son who both quickly became the loves of my life. We were married, and had our first son together in Alaska before moving home to Maryland in 2011. Another fun fact: My step son has autism! He's quirky, smart, funny, kind, and has taught us all to live with a little more patience and kindness for the people around us.


After moving home from Alaska, we had our 3rd son, moved into our "forever home", and I went full time into my videography passion. I am absolutely in love with being self employed, and found my true calling. Being with people on the best day of their lives and then getting to re-tell the story is the truly the best job in the world.