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All About the Details

When Laci filled out her questionnaire, she mentioned that details were very important to her. She said she thought about every single detail in her reception decor and wanted to be able to go back and remember it all. Well... she did NOT disappoint. Her reception space was to die for. It was just perfect from bottom to top.

This was just one of those weddings that oozed beauty. Laci is stunning on a normal day. But her dress, her makeup, her headpiece, hair... I mean... wow. Nick compliments her perfectly. When they are together, they are absolute magic. Laci's girls wore all black which made for classic, stunning photos.

This was my first time shooting at Gramercy Mansion. It's such a unique space. I love the intimate ceremony space set aside from the venue. Laci and Nick decided to rent a tent outside for dancing. And I've seen smoke machines before but OMG the cloud for their first dance was incredible. I worked with Kyler from KRM Gallery- she's a fantastic photographer and had some awesome ideas for night shots! This couple was so gorgeous and in love that it made our job very easy!

Enjoy their teaser! There are so many incredible clips to choose from, it was hard to just do 1 minute!

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