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J..M...U Wish You Had a Duke Dog!

When I shot Yvonne and Tito's love story last summer, I realized only halfway through that Yvonne was a fellow JMU Duke!! I always get so excited when I meet other JMU Alumni and in this case, almost her entire bridal party were JMU grads!!

Yvonne and Tito are... how do I put this... perfect. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous humans, they are some of the kindest people you'll meet as well. The way Tito gushes over Yvonne raises the bar for all husbands everywhere.

When we did our love story last summer, it was about 95 degrees in Georgetown. When their wedding came-- the heat decided to strike again, but no amount of heat could put a damper on their perfect day.

Morais Vineyards-- my first time shooting here, and I REALLY hope I get to go back. They were an absolute dream. If you know me, you know I am obsessed with my drone. Well they made all of my drone dreams come true with so much interesting, open land. I love the thoughtful little instagrammable moments every where. The wine cellar was particularly unique and offered a beautiful photo/video spot... and a nice break from the heat:)

Virginia Johnston, of Photography by Virginia, was my second shooter on this day.

She nailed it as always, bringing her artistic eye and hard work ethic, making the day a breeze.

Enjoy this teaser! My favorite parts- the blend of cultures, Tito doting over his new wife to the crowd, and their epic first dance!

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