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It's Like Raaaiiiinnnn on your Wedding Day!

Last weekend, I had two back to back weddings, both with torrential downpours. Both had outdoor ceremonies planned. Here's how the went...

Wedding number one was on a Friday at Walker's Overlook. This was my first time shooting a wedding here! I was thrilled because it was exactly 12 minutes from my house:) This bride was amazing. She had quite the events leading up to her big day... starting with her photographer having to back out just about a month before the wedding. She was lucky enough to find someone to take his place... and then that photographer got Covid.. the DAY before the wedding! The week prior to her wedding day, her mom had to go into emergency surgery, and ended up in the ICU and had to miss the wedding. Then... it rained. All day.

What I learned from this event. We are all a little tougher and stronger than we give ourselves credit for. The resilience and grace that this bride showed after everything that had been thrown at her was awe-inspiring. She had her mom close to her heart all day but was determined to have this wedding be all that she dreamed it would be... and it was.

They had a live band, the Bachelor Boys. There's a palpable energy when a live band is in the room and it just brings everyone to life... this was a fantastic band. The groom had THREE best men who gave an EPIC speech which was all on video... ending with Kevin from The Office sending his well wishes. Being a slightly obsessive Office Fan, I tried to keep my composure.

I tried something new which turned out pretty cool I think- I set up my GoPro at the other end of the aisle- and while the quality of the video is not as strong as my main camera, it is pretty cool to get the low angle with the full dress train. I had fun with that (and it's small enough to be out of the photographers' way).

Enjoy this quick teaser from their wedding day!


Wedding number 2:

The second wedding of my rainy weekend was at beautiful Bohemia Overlook in North East, MD. This is about a 2 hour drive for me, so a little different than my 12 minute commute from Friday:) I have shot here before- it was in October of 2020-- one of the very first brides to hire me, and my first BIG wedding!

The plan was to have the wedding outdoor, no matter what the rain did. But as the day progressed and the wind picked up, it became more and more clear that our options outdoors were limited. I was so impressed with the couple and the vendors, who were all so quick thinking and flexible. The planner came up with a fantastic idea to have the couple get married on the porch of the beautiful manor, have the guests stand in the grassy field in front (with panchos and rain jackets and only if they wanted to), while the parents sat in special seats indoors. The result was an incredibly unique, intimate and memorable ceremony that made for gorgeous video and I'm sure amazing pictures.

This couple had such a fun demeanor and banter- they love to joke and tease each other. After the ceremony, they put on their Baltimore Ravens jerseys for the big entrance and first dance. They proceeded to have the best time ever with big laughs, happiness and surrounded by the people the love.

What have I learned this weekend? You have to accept the things that are out of your control, be flexible, open minded and remember the important things in life! The reason everyone is gathered on your wedding day is to celebrate this gigantic milestone in your life-- everything else is icing on the cake.

Check out their teaser!

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