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Surprise Wedding!

Best. Husband. Ever.

David reached out at the beginning of the year and quickly explained his idea. He wanted to surprise his fiance with a wedding. They had been together for about 10 years, raised 2 kids together and while she wanted to get married, she really did not want to plan the wedding. I can relate to this. I'm not into the planning as much as a lot of people are... but I don't know if I could trust Paul to put this together as well as David did haha.

He had rented out the main house at Big Cork Vineyards. He reached out to her friends and family to make sure nothing was left undone. They helped him think of literally everything... from food, to the timeline, to the details. He hired all of the key vendors- hair and makeup, Mission BBQ catering, keyboardist to play music as she walked down the aisle, and of course me and Virginia (Photography by Virginia) to capture it all.

Originally, he thought he'd just like a videographer there to capture the moment she realized what was happening... but it evolved into a full day custom wedding package, and I am so honored that I got to be there to capture this!

Ashley was truly surprised. They all managed to keep it quiet. It was a videographer's dream to capture something so special and unique- and genuine emotion. Cheers to David for reaching high and absolutely nailing this day. What a beautiful family!


Virginia and I cheers-ing to such a fun day. We were a little nervous as it was such a big moment but so honored and proud to capure it! I think we nailed it:)

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