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We love to collaborate.

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Photography by Virginia

Virginia is a lifestyle photographer who has an incredible eye for the shot, and always makes even the most ordinary moment extraordinary. Virginia and I both share a similar style and love to collaborate.


GinaMarie Beauty

Gina is a makeup and lash artist as well as a certified esthetician. She has an amazing ability to bring out fearless confidence in every client she meets. She enhances natural beauty and ensures her clients have an absolutely flawless look for the big day.


Sky King


Sky King is a dynamic singer/songwriter/guitarist from Baltimore, MD. His shows incorporate looping and unique arrangements of Rock, Reggae, and Pop perfect for walking down the aisle or dancing the night away! Performs solo or with a full band.

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We share a lot of things... our sense of adventure, our sense of humor, our drive, our passion for making people feel good are some of them.

Our friendship came first, and by the encouragement and push we gave and continue to give each other, our talents/passions became our livelihoods.

Book us all together as a team or separately- we are each passionate about what we do!

Photography by Virginia

GinaMarie Beauty


Check out what happens when we put our talents together!



Videographer: Olivia Hill

Photographer: Photography by Virginia